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Friday, 26th March 2010. Launch of TransWilts Community Rail Partnership. Bridge House, Trowbridge, from 19:30
An exciting new step forward to rejeuvenation of the line, its service and its use
BUSY, EXCELLENT MEETING ... see [here] for initial report
Train service remains dire - southbound from Swindon at 06:15 and 18:45, northbound from Westbury at 07:02 and 19:35. Please pledge your support if you would like to see an increase to six trains a day -
arriving Swindon at 07:48 08:53 11:50 14:50 17:36 and 20:19,
returning at 06:18 09:02 12:02 15:02 17:55 and 18:45.

Keynote for 2010

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Link to .. O
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Link to .. Warminster Area Board Meeting (24/06/2010)
Link to .. Westbury Area Board Meeting (17/06/2010)
Link to .. Dilton Marsh Village Day (12/06/2010)
Link to .. Melksham Climate Friendly Group Meeting (02/06/2010)
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Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Melksham to London (Heathrow, and Central London)"
Link to .. Still denying a service even exists
Link to .. Melksham Railway Development Group 2010 AGM
Link to .. Dilton Marsh Timetable - TransWilts CRP, Wiltshire Council, First
Link to .. Free Trial of New Petersfinger Salisbury Park & Ride
Link to .. DfT Monitoring Of Short-Formed Services
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Declarations of interest - knowing where you stand with people"
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Regional Spatial Strategy and the next 20 years"
Link to .. Melksham young people have their say on transport
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Melksham to Calne by public transport"
Link to .. Channel 4 - "Big rise in rail fares 'likely'" (20/05/2010)
Link to .. Wiltshire Council Services to be delegated locally
Link to .. FOI - European Rail Policy Forum
Link to .. Network Rail - "Rail Punctuality In Great Western Is Britain
Link to .. Trowbridge & Melksham Help Points
Link to .. New Transport Secretary
Link to .. Melksham Rail Development Group Meeting (28/05/2010)
Link to .. TransWilts Community Rail Partnership Steering Group Meeting (22/05/2010)
Link to .. WHA+ACA Meeting (13/05/2010)
Link to .. Melksham Area Board Meeting (26/05/2010)
Link to .. Warminster Area Board Meeting (20/05/2010)
Link to .. Salisbury Area Board Meeting (20/05/2010)
Link to .. Trowbridge Area Board Meeting (13/05/2010)
Link to .. Chippenham Area Board Meeting (10/05/2010)
Link to .. Police release CCTV images following assault on staff at Westbury on 25/3/2010
Link to .. Yeovil Pen Mill Station Photos
Link to .. DfT - Regional Transport Statistics: Current live tables
Link to .. Potential Service Issue Resolved With FGW
Link to .. Latest Network Rail Route Plans
Link to .. Swindon Station Set For Revamp
Link to .. First Great Western Introduces Employer-funded Cash Plans
Link to .. Its A Funny Old World
Link to .. General Election - 6th May 2010
Link to .. Wiltshire Council Considers Temporary Staff Move To Melksham
Link to .. Further Chippenham-related Wiltshire Core Strategy Consultation
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "How do our tactics help meet the strategy, for the greater good"
Link to .. Go! Cooperative Launch - Swindon
Link to .. Go! Cooperative Launch - Trowbridge
Link to .. Community Rail Partnership - Steering group meeting on 17th April
Link to .. Swindon Advertiser - Swindon Works Article (09/04/2010)
Link to .. BBC - "Labour wants to force rail firms to offer cheapest fare" (10/04/2010)
Link to .. RailNews - "LibDems plan major expansion of rail network" (05/04/2010)
Link to .. BBC - "Rail strike plans cancelled after court injunction"
Link to .. Wiltshire Council - "History Centre reaches 50,000 landmark"
Link to .. DfT Freight Modal Choice Study
Link to .. DfT - Assessing Social and Distributional Impacts in Transport Scheme Appraisal
Link to .. Aspiration list - stations
Link to .. Wootton Bassett
Link to .. DfT - "Local Authority CEO Update - March 2010"
Link to .. Corsham
Link to .. The Gillingham lesson - Integration?
Link to .. Community Rail Partnership launch meeting - invites to politicians
Link to .. Wiltshire Council - "Four-year corporate plan proposed"
Link to .. "Spruce up brings Box Tunnel back to former glory" - Wiltshire Times (18/3/10)
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Car Parking in Melksham"
Link to .. Wiltshire Council - "Area Boards are making a difference"
Link to .. DfT - "Guidance for transport impact evaluations"
Link to .. Wiltshire Council - "extra
Link to .. "Local trains hit by underfunding" - This Is Wiltshire (15/03/2010)
Link to .. Looking and learning from Frome
Link to .. 26th March - Launch of Community Rail Partnership
Link to .. Melksham Climate Friendly Group
Link to .. West Wiltshire Rail Users Group AGM (24/03/2010)
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Dear Planners, please provide viable alternatives"
Link to .. Melksham Area Board meeting (24/03/2010)
Link to .. Delayed/Cancelled/On Time Trains Data 2004-2009
Link to .. And finally ... Swindon to Salisbury
Link to .. Options for early morning Melksham to Warminster journeys, anyone?
Link to .. Swindon to Trowbridge - comparative timings by public transport and car
Link to .. Journey times - a comparison. Chippenham to Trowbridge
Link to .. Current journey times - Chippenham to Salisbury
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Random thoughts on Melksham Town Planning and development"
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Is Melksham public transport actually used?"
Link to .. Graham Ellis - "Save the Train - a significant change in approach"
Link to .. New Image -> New Images
Link to .. TransWilts Case Survives RUS Melksham Ticket Sales Downgrading
Link to .. Adonis Intercity 125 Replacement Statement
Link to .. DfT - How to feed sustainable, low carbon, travel packages into LTP3 planning
Link to .. "First Great Western wins operator of year at ceremony" - Wales Online (13/2/10)
Link to .. New Wiltshire Council Chief Executive
Link to .. "MP pushes for rail improvements" - Salisbury Journal (10/02/2010)
Link to .. DfT Regional and Local Strategic Modelling and Appraisal Capability Report
Link to .. ORR Rail Data Scope Survey
Link to .. Wiltshire Votes "Radical"
Link to .. Response To Consultation on the Station Champions' report 'Better Rail Stations'
Link to .. Lessons to be learned from bad weather service
Link to .. Melksham Community Bus
Link to .. "Rail passengers hit by fare increase" - Swindon Advertiser (02/01/2010)
Link to .. TransWilts - Nearly Every Seat Taken - past and future
Link to .. Upcoming Consultations
Link to .. Anyone know what time the trains run this week? Anyone using them?
Link to .. Network Rail - input required on station improvement
Link to .. The Transwilts Canal / Rail / Road corridor
Link to .. Warminster History
Link to .. Westbury/Dilton Marsh History
Link to .. "Trowbridge railway vandal avoids jail sentence" - Wiltshire Times (23/12/2009)
Link to .. The Dilton Marsh Experience
Link to .. Trowbridge Station 2008 Photos
Link to .. Salisbury Station 2007 Photos
Link to .. Dilton Marsh - Good News And A Chocolate Teapot
Link to .. Warminster Station Photo/Videos
Link to .. Melksham Bus/Rail Integration
Link to .. Swindon, March 1974 Photo
Link to .. Chippenham In The Snow
Link to .. Dilton Marsh, May 1988 Photo
Link to .. GWRUS submission - Melksham railway Development Group
Link to .. West Wilts Rail User Group Meetings to March 2010
Link to .. 1912 Trowbridge Station Postcard
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Link to .. Melksham Forum
Link to .. Trowbridges Forgotten Railway
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Link to .. Outwards flow from West Wiltshire
Link to .. Countrywide - should planning be approved?
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Link to .. Line closed for 9 days in August
Link to .. How to treat your customers - National Express to Melksham
Link to .. Train v car v bus (v train then bus)
Link to .. Who should operate the TransWilts
Link to .. Melksham diary
Link to .. Westbury bypass (A350) - permission refused
Link to .. Current service remains inappropriate
Link to .. An update
Link to .. Wiltshire and Swindon History centre, Chippenham
Link to .. Avebury and Lacock on a day trip from London?
Link to .. Being Twittered about
Link to .. What others say about travel in Wiltshire
Link to .. Update on pledge for support campaign. Please sign if you have not yet done so
Link to .. North Swindon Park & Ride Faces Axe
Link to .. How is Wiltshire Council measuring up against its rail objectives in LTP2?
Link to .. Change to the morning "commuter" service from West Wilts to Swindon & Cheltenham
Link to .. TransWilts Timetable From May 2009
Link to .. Changes To Dilton Marsh Services From May 2009
Link to .. Bus Replacement On Sunday 26/04/2009
Link to .. Passenger stats for Melksham
Link to .. 09:18 Service to Swindon
Link to .. Disjoint. Disjoint. Disjoint.
Link to .. Clitheroe
Link to .. Sat on 19.11 waiting to get on single line
Link to .. Current service inappropriate for incoming business travellers
Link to .. Trowbridge - Swindon - a very long day's commute indeed
Link to .. Fun On The TransWilts Line (14/04/2009)
Link to .. 17:30 from Melksham
Link to .. 10:30 from Melksham Easter Monday
Link to .. Melksham showing on the map by FGW
Link to .. 06:40 To Southampton on 09/04/09
Link to .. Easter Sunday Services from Melksham Station
Link to .. Comparison - Pewsey and Melksham
Link to .. Salisbury Station Northern Entrance To Close?
Link to .. A4 flyer for the 2009 service improvement pledge
Link to .. 17:05 Westbury to Swindon service calling at Melksham 17:21 on 3/04/09
Link to .. Restating the case - some bare bones for the newcomer
Link to .. West Wilts Rail User Group
Link to .. MRDG - Melksham Railway Development Group
Link to .. Comment on standard letter going out from the DfT
Link to .. Finance and traffic levels for proposed new service
Link to .. Some towns are more equal than others
Link to .. Timetable "E"
Link to .. Good Friday Services
Link to .. Comparing Rail Growth in other South West counties.
Link to .. Update letter (email) to all posting members, 29th March 2009
Link to .. Update from the 'campaign team' ...
Link to .. The Future Of The TransWilts Line - Our Proposals
Link to .. New Wiltshire Council Website Available For Preview
Link to .. Possible New Network Rail Recycling/Distribution Centre At Westbury
Link to .. First Set To Axe 600 Rail Jobs
Link to .. Sainsburys Submit Melksham Store Expansion Plans
Link to .. The Wiltshire Assembly
Link to .. Wiltshire Council's Westbury - Swindon rail study
Link to .. Wiltshire Council - Hustings on Transport - 22nd April 2009
Link to .. Please add YOUR support - 2009
Link to .. Just what are FGW obliged to provide
Link to .. The lesson of Parson Street, Bristol
Link to .. New ticket sales figures
Link to .. Melksham - Holt - Trowbridge bus
Link to .. New members welcome - but let me know you want to join!
Link to .. DfT Maps Strengthen Case For An Appropriate TransWilts Service
Link to .. More WCC Funding For Buses But Some Services To Be Cut
Link to .. Corby Station Opens
Link to .. The Case For An Appropriate TransWilts Service
Link to .. DfT Consultations Relevant To The TransWilts
Link to .. Chippenham Bypass to be dualled?
Link to .. An Opportunity To Fund An Improved TransWilts Service?
Link to .. No trains this morning
Link to .. New Station in The Midlands
Link to .. TransWilts 2009 - A Chance For Hopwood To Make His Mark
Link to .. TransWilts 2009 - There Is A Deal To Be Done Here
Link to .. Sunday train traffic
Link to .. Proposed Days out
Link to .. Happening this month ... and in the first half of this year
Link to .. Crossrail - Increasing Capacity at the Western End
Link to .. 22 ways to render a service as useless as possible
Link to .. Going, Going, Gone
Link to .. Asda in Melksham - 'minded to approve'
Link to .. Monday to Friday trains times from and to Melksham until May 2009
Link to .. Chippenham Re-instatement of redundant platform line
Link to .. FGW Journeycheck email alerts for Melksham
Link to .. Suprise Service!
Link to .. Passenger Focus - survey
Link to .. New Timetables
Link to .. How others view us ... Melksham ...
Link to .. No TransWilts Evening Service (27/10/2008)
Link to .. 3600 Homes for Chippenham?
Link to .. Beware - reductions and closures by stealth
Link to .. No daytime service ....
Link to .. Traffic Chaos in Melksham
Link to .. Has WCC gambled away 50 years of support for the TransWilts?
Link to .. Vintage Bus Rides From Warminster (12/10/2008)
Link to .. Dilton Marsh Evening Peak Cancellations (01/10/2008)
Link to .. Early Train Revised (29/09/2008)
Link to .. 23rd September - WWRUG Public Meeting
Link to .. 30th November - Santa Claus on the train Melksham -> Swindon -> Melksham
Link to .. Weekend Bus Replacement In October/November
Link to .. Provide a train and it will be used ...
Link to .. Lineside fire at Trowbridge - line closed
Link to .. How should the early evening look at Melksham station?
Link to .. Swindon to Southampton on a Sunday
Link to .. Revival of French Provincial Railways
Link to .. CrossCountry Boosts Arriva's Profits
Link to .. Edwina Currie Visits The Wealden Line
Link to .. Harmonisation Of Infrastructure Terms & Conditions - Network Rail
Link to .. New First Class Lounge For Aberdeen Station
Link to .. Eurostar Bank Holiday Boost
Link to .. Norfolk Stations Up For National Awards
Link to .. Commuters Find Bury St Edmunds Station Locked Up
Link to ..
Link to .. New Loco Hire Company?
Link to .. Scottish Access For All Funding/New Train & Station Design Code Of Practice
Link to .. Kettering's Eurostar Link "Should Be Used To Sell Town"
Link to .. MSP Calls For Better Access To Advice For Insch Disabled Passengers
Link to ..
Link to .. Atomic Body Backs Dornoch Rail Link
Link to .. Inverness And Aberdeen Railway Articles
Link to .. All London Overground Managed Stations Are Deep Cleaned
Link to .. Lydney Campaigners Give Lukewarm Reception To New Train Service
Link to .. Remembering Abergele Rail Disaster Of 1868
Link to .. Thameslink Upgrade Work
Link to .. Revamp For Kirkham And Wesham Station
Link to .. First Scotrail Fares Could Rise By Six Per Cent
Link to .. Work For Liverpool Lime Street Passengers On Track
Link to .. Ditching Edinburgh Airport Rail Link Will 'Keep Euro HQs Out Of City'
Link to .. TfL Board Shake-Up Gives New Role To Ex-GNER Chief
Link to .. Ebbsfleet To Become Drive-In Cinema
Link to .. Eurostar Cleaners Set To Strike
Link to .. Full Steam Ahead For Locomotive
Link to .. A Question Of Derogations
Link to .. New EMT First Class Lounge At St Pancras
Link to .. First Transpennine Recycling Scheme
Link to .. RMT In Rail Strike Vote Over Southeastern Javelin Guard Duties
Link to .. Bahrain Firm To Aquire Freightliner
Link to .. Rail Freight Predicted To Double By 2030
Link to .. Rain-Away Train Leaves Ipswich-Cambridge Passengers Soaked
Link to .. Train Firms Urged To Promote Cycling
Link to .. Edinburgh Bus Rapid Transit Proposals
Link to .. Transport Aid For Rural Cumbria Residents
Link to .. Details Of Stockport Transport Interchange Revealed
Link to .. Extra Container Charges To Pay For Felixstowe Line Doubling To Stay In Place
Link to .. North London Line Rail Upgrade Awaits 2012 Go-Ahead
Link to .. Rail Projects Facing Struggle To Stay Within Budget
Link to .. Campaign for Better Transport "Rail Reopenings Must Be Top Of Funding Wish-List"
Link to .. Bradford on Avon to Severn Valley Railway trip
Link to .. Crossrail Bill Receives Royal Assent
Link to .. Petition To The PM To Reopen The Skipton-Colne Railway
Link to .. Woodhead Tunnel Demonstration (02/08/2008)
Link to .. Blog article Archive back on line
Link to .. Crossrail - Publication Of Financial Information
Link to .. Passenger Focus
Link to .. Petition Calling For Legislation Specifying Acceptable Levels Of Overcrowding
Link to .. DfT - "Meeting Targets Through Transport"
Link to .. New Trains For First (But Scotrail)
Link to .. Plans For Bigger Nottingham Station Car Park/Signalling Upgrade
Link to .. Brockenhurst-Lymington Line Awarded Community Rail Status
Link to .. Station Travel Plan Initiative Launched
Link to .. South West Trains Live Webchat With The MD (20/08/2008)
Link to .. E-mail from FGW regarding the TransWilts
Link to .. FOI - Fraser Eagle Rail Replacement Bus And Coach Operation
Link to .. Trains Are 'Not Value For Money' - Passenger Focus Survey
Link to .. Bournemouth Armed Arrest "Mistaken Identity"
Link to .. ORR Consultation On Network Availability And The Seven Day Railway
Link to .. DfT Consultation Response: Working Time For Cross-Border Rail Workers
Link to .. Aging Leicester Underpass To Be Replaced
Link to .. Police Link To Prevent South East Rail Crime
Link to .. Tehmina's Blog - "Chippenham To Salisbury - Even Slower"
Link to .. Arriva Trains Wales December 2008 Draft Timetable
Link to .. Railtalk Magazine Issue 22 - July 2008
Link to .. Wiltshire County Council Passenger survey.
Link to .. Birmingham-Northampton Train Stoned While At Standstill
Link to .. Dean Forest Railway Criticised Over Accident
Link to .. Campaign for Better Transport - "Make Walk-on Fares Affordable"
Link to .. Harris Has Regular Meetings With "Amateur Railway Enthusiasts"
Link to .. Towards a Sustainable Transport System Update
Link to .. Manchester Metrolink Tram Derailment
Link to .. Local Transport Major Scheme Information
Link to .. Early Train Cancelled (30/06/2008)
Link to .. Welsh Child Rail Danger Hotspots Named
Link to .. 100th Anniversary Of The Opening Of The North Warwickshire Line
Link to .. Conservative Party Transport Analysis
Link to .. Lift Ban After Rail Workers Fall
Link to .. Ministerial Meetings With Outside Interest Groups Since 23 April 2008
Link to .. National Railways Passenger Screening Trials
Link to .. Rail 'Renaissance' For Stagecoach As Profits Jump
Link to .. Cyclist Crashes Onto Rail Track At St Leonards Warrior Square
Link to .. Network Rail Unveils
Link to .. Passengers May "Permanently Switch" From Lincoln Station Due To Works Closure
Link to .. Co-Op MPs Call For Network Rail Shake-Up
Link to .. TransWilts 1963 Timetable
Link to .. ATW Franchise Monitor/ATW Boss Relationship Conflict Of Interest Row
Link to .. Tom Harris Speech To The Institute of Economic Affairs
Link to .. DfT Rail Research Activity In 2008/09
Link to .. Peterborough-Ipswich Trains Halted After Cable Theft
Link to .. DfT Response To Rail Vehicle Accessibility Consultation
Link to .. EU Transport Council, Luxembourg, 13 June 2008
Link to .. Angel Trains Sold To Babcock Brown
Link to .. Warminster/Dilton Marsh Cancellations (14/06/2008)
Link to .. South West Trains To Reduce Ticket Office Staff
Link to .. Class 153 Unit On Early TransWilts Service (12/06/2008)
Link to .. Harris Confirms Rail Safety Verification For Trams And Heritage Rail
Link to .. Are Fuel Prices Driving Us To Public Transport?
Link to .. DfT Vacancies
Link to .. Fallen Cables Disrupt Norwich-London Services
Link to .. Andrew Griffiths Away On Secondment
Link to .. DfT Rail Industry Research Strategy Implementation Plan
Link to .. DfT Access For All Funding Application Pack
Link to .. Manchester C-Charge 'To Go Ahead'
Link to .. Bowerhill Village Hall To Close
Link to .. Network Rail Maintenance Workers Strike (14-15/06/2008)
Link to .. Network Rail
Link to .. ORR 2008 Periodic Review Draft Determinations
Link to .. AM's Call For Taff-Bargoed Passenger Rail Service
Link to .. Liberal Democrats Launch Transport Proposals
Link to .. Northern Rail December 2008 Local Rail Service Changes
Link to .. DEFRA Urban Rail And Road Noise Maps
Link to .. London TravelWatch Chairman Sacked By Assembly Transport Panel
Link to .. FOI - Consultants Engaged By The DfT In The Last Five Financial Years
Link to .. Railway Heritage Committee Consultation
Link to .. Fife Council Backs Thornton-Leven Re-opening
Link to .. Network Rail Could Lose Its Monopoly
Link to .. Class 121 and 142 units spotted at Westbury
Link to .. Aylesbury Vale Parkway
Link to .. Passenger Focus Urges Discretion Over Penalty Fares & Long Queuing Times
Link to .. Wiltshire Station Improvements Celebration
Link to .. Wales Route Utilisation Strategy
Link to .. Future Of Westbury/Warminster Town Council Offices Uncertain
Link to .. An example of what could be done with a bit of imagination...
Link to .. National Rail Travel Survey Final 2008 Report
Link to .. Liverpool Street Rail Bridge Debris Halts Services
Link to .. Signing up - please be patient
Link to .. Server Performance Issues
Link to .. Trains to Bath?
Link to .. Privatised railways from a Swiss perspective
Link to .. Londonderry-Sligo Reopening Being Examined
Link to .. Ministerial Meetings With Outside Interest Groups Since 20/03/2008
Link to .. Updated DfT Rail Carbon Emmissions Info
Link to .. New Scottish Railfreight Services
Link to .. National Express East Anglia "Meet The Manager"
Link to .. The Department For Transport Annual Report 2008
Link to .. New Timings For Bicester North Taxibus Link
Link to .. Slam-Door Carriages On Fife Rail Route
Link to .. New Timetable
Link to .. Support Pledge - some statistics
Link to .. Kelly Visits Manchester Metrolink
Link to .. Busy Weekend Ahead On Chiltern Trains
Link to .. DfT Press Officers Vacancies
Link to .. Evening TransWilts Service Cancelled (16/05/2008)
Link to .. re-iterating support
Link to .. Seen our pictures somewhere else?
Link to .. Work Starts on the new Thames Valley Signalling Centre
Link to .. DfT Community Rail Partnerships
Link to .. New stock DfT statement
Link to .. Class 153 This Morning? (15/05/2008)
Link to .. Free Wales Pensioner Rail Travel Extended But With Heart Of Wales Restriction
Link to .. Passengers Stranded In Lancashire As Rangers Fans Fill Trains
Link to .. Work To Start On Donnington/Telford Freight Terminal
Link to .. Question to Wiltshire County Council
Link to .. Passenger Numbers Surge Brings Hope For Walsall-Wolverhampton As DfT Axe Looms
Link to .. DfT South Central Franchise Info
Link to .. FOI - Westbury Bypass
Link to .. Signal Fault At Milton Keynes Causes Disruption
Link to .. Proposed Changes To Rail Freight Grants
Link to .. DfT Evidence And Research Strategy Update 2008/9: Regional And Local Transport
Link to .. On adjusting services to avoid duplication and release resources for other use
Link to .. Murrison Disappointed By Harris Response To Plea For Better Services
Link to .. Banksy Art Show In Abandoned Eurostar Tunnel
Link to .. Oliver Cromwell Back On Track
Link to .. Cancellation this morning
Link to .. Art In The Age Of Steam
Link to .. Jarvis To Be Sold
Link to .. Croxley Rail Link Scheme Problems As Business Plan Rejected
Link to .. Bank Holiday Engineering Work
Link to .. Rocky Ride Ahead As Economy Hits Brakes
Link to .. Extra Penistone Line Sunday Services From May 2008
Link to .. North & West Wiltshire Petrol Prices Up By 9pc In Six Months
Link to .. Brussels Warns On Railways' State Aid
Link to .. Notable FGW Service Revisions
Link to .. When does the petition end again?
Link to .. News From Around The FGW Area
Link to .. More Carriages/Better Services For Settle to Carlisle/Cumbria
Link to .. Flying Scotsman Overhaul
Link to .. Greater Manchester Scrapyard Fire Closes Line
Link to .. Nearly 300 Jobs Lost As Frome's Biggest Employer Shuts
Link to .. New CANBER Website
Link to .. Latest DfT Vacancies
Link to .. British Firms Oppose PPP In Indian Railways
Link to .. Mottisfont & Dunbridge/Bluebell Woods Trip
Link to .. Melksham to Bristol
Link to .. Will the rolling stock companies ever be privatised?
Link to .. Was British rail a better network than the private system?
Link to .. New Transport Study For Swindon
Link to .. Scotland-London - Train Vs Plane
Link to .. Discussion with the Department for Transport
Link to .. So close, yet so far
Link to .. EU Transport Council, Luxembourg, 7 April 2008
Link to .. Arriva Shares Hit By Fuel Worry
Link to .. Contract Let For Refurbishment Of Cross Country HST's
Link to .. Guard Threatened With Firearm On Settle-Carlisle Line
Link to .. 19.01 From Chippnenham 22nd April 2008
Link to .. MAY - DEC Timetable.
Link to .. Dundee Station Row
Link to .. Chris Bolt To Step Down As Chairman Of The ORR
Link to .. Wye Valley Line May Become Cycle Route
Link to .. Next Train For Bangladesh?
Link to .. Melksham Station on You Tube
Link to .. Answers to some difficult questions
Link to .. Metronet Strike On The Eve Of Mayoral Vote
Link to .. Merseyrail Banning Feet On The Seat Passengers
Link to .. Death Of Gwyneth Dunwoody
Link to .. Broken Down Freight Train Blocks London-Norwich Line
Link to .. Man Parachutes From CTRL Bridge
Link to .. EU Inquiry Into Subsidy For Caledonian MacBrayne
Link to .. Evening Northbound TransWilts Train Terminates At Chippenham (17/04/2008)
Link to .. National Engineering Centre Plans Withdrawn
Link to .. Comparison - 2005 to 2008
Link to .. 10th May - Special train to Minehead organised by FGW
Link to .. Ultra-Sonic Inspection Trial Fears
Link to .. People Prefer Trains!
Link to .. Strathclyde Train Fares To Rise By Almost 5%
Link to .. Lancaster BTP Patrols Stepped Up
Link to .. Eurostar Passenger Numbers Rise
Link to .. Comparison - Upwey v Melksham - Station facilities
Link to .. Well - HAS it improved? 15 months on from a positive aspiration
Link to .. A sign of the times?
Link to .. Brighton-Bedford Train Cab Catches Fire
Link to .. "Avoid Town Centre" Warminster Roadworks Signs To Be Taken Down
Link to .. More Grand Union/Grand Central Service Proposals
Link to .. How many signatures are needed to get the improvements?
Link to .. The New Age Of The Train?
Link to .. Is there a possibility of an 8.00am train during weekdays?
Link to .. Summer Start For Work On Trowbridge Waterside Development
Link to .. Ministerial Meetings With Outside Interest Groups (January/February 2008)
Link to .. TransWilts May 2008 Timetable
Link to .. FGW May 2008 Timetable Now Online
Link to .. Thameslink Rolling Stock Project
Link to .. Crossrail Planning Forum Meeting (25/07/2007)
Link to .. Warminster/Dilton Marsh Cancellations (09/04/2008)
Link to .. Passenger Focus Takes On Bus Champion Role
Link to .. Crossrail Planning Forum Meeting (22/11/2007)
Link to .. DfT Commercial Strategy
Link to .. Campaign For Better Transport Train Fare Tips
Link to .. 17th and 18th May - Train West Model Railway show, Melksham
Link to .. Further Review Of NXEC Problems
Link to .. Network Rail Evaluating The Potential For Container Freight Route Via Melksham
Link to .. Beddau Line Re-Opening Petition
Link to .. 19:32 Westbury to Cheltenham Spa Cancelled (04/04/2008)
Link to .. New Town Green For Melksham
Link to .. First ScotRail Franchise Extended
Link to .. Derby Control Centre Officially Opens
Link to .. Nottingham EMT Strike Threat
Link to .. Train Drivers Accept 5% Rise From First ScotRail
Link to .. Pictures outside Melksham station
Link to .. Wrexham & Shropshire Railway announces start date...
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Link to .. Support page - please add YOUR voice to the call for appropriate service
Link to .. Edinburgh Tram Support
Link to .. My Melksham experience, last weekend
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Link to .. Lancashire/Cumbria Engineering Work
Link to .. Summer Train Timetable Starts
Link to .. May timetable changes
Link to .. Dilton Marsh Post Office To Temporarily Close
Link to .. Melksham 1st Appoints Volunteer Directors
Link to .. Harlow Train Station Ticket Machine Stolen
Link to .. Jim Fitzpatrick NATA Conference Speech/DfT Environmental Capital Approach
Link to .. Bus Swap Driver Hits Kirkcaldy Rail Bridge
Link to .. Crossrail Planning Forum Meeting (28/01/2008)
Link to .. DfT Network Modelling Framework Evidence Pack
Link to .. Overrunning weekend - TransWilts style
Link to .. Sheffield/Leeds Line Overcrowding
Link to .. Wealdenlink Presentation
Link to .. North Police Crackdowns On Rail Crime
Link to .. Wiltshire College Could Buy Trowbridge Bowyers site
Link to .. Rail Worker Attacked At St Bees Level Crossing
Link to .. Sheffield/Leeds Line News
Link to .. EMT Capacity Changes
Link to .. Local Transport Grant Allocations 2008/2009
Link to .. Secretary Of State's Franchising Powers
Link to .. Hello!!! )
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Link to .. SWT Drivers Strike (31/03/2008-03/04/2008)
Link to .. A completely different question.....why does it cots more to
Link to .. Tram-Trains To Be Trialled On The Penistone Line
Link to .. Warminster/Dilton Marsh Cancellation (18/03/2008)
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Link to .. ATW Superhero Safety Campaign
Link to .. Easter Engineering Work
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Link to .. Perhaps the problem is just that people are addicted to their cars...
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Link to .. 800,000 Train Delays 'Cost
Link to .. fgw The Video Version
Link to .. New Minature Train Honours Wiltshire Train Driver
Link to .. Jim Fitzpatrick Speech At The Westminster Transport And The Environment
Link to .. FOI - Southeastern
Link to .. SELRAP Presents Its Case At Westminster
Link to .. 50 MPH Speed Restriction On East Coast Main Line (12/03/2008)
Link to .. Multiple Train Failures Hit NXEC (11/03/2008)
Link to .. Road System Growing 15 Times Faster Than Railway Line Network
Link to .. ATW Plans to Extend Aberystwyth/Chester Services To Birmingham Airport
Link to .. York Network Rail Workers Vote To Strike
Link to .. Would it be possible to get trains from Chippenham to Melksham departing @ 15:25
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Link to .. Funy
Link to .. NXEC Blamed For Overhead Wire Chaos
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Link to .. DfT - "Supporting The Development Of TIF Packages"
Link to .. Kelly Calls For Four-Tracking Of Line Between Tottenham Hale-Cheshunt Assessment
Link to .. Council Opposes Tonbridge Rail Service Cuts
Link to .. Young Persons Railcard Half Price Offer
Link to .. 17th June 2008 - start of Westbury Bypass publilc enquiry
Link to .. High Winds Dislodge Freight Containers
Link to .. Engineers Develop Bypass System For Lines Under Maintenence
Link to .. Two thirds of service cancelled today ... so far ...
Link to .. Lacock Abbey - Come by FGW train
Link to .. Staverton Halt
Link to .. New signage here too, please!
Link to .. East Coast Main Line RUS
Link to .. Draft Rail Vehicle Accessibility (Interoperable Rail System) Regulations
Link to .. Northern Rail Wins Rail Business Of The Year
Link to .. 8th March 2008 - Social Enterprise and the Railways
Link to .. HLOS Industry Seminar Talk
Link to .. Network Rail Asks For Extra West Coast Main Line Track Closures
Link to .. Psychometric Testing To Be Part Of Rail Tender Process
Link to .. 3 Stories
Link to .. Campaign update - we have a good option for December
Link to .. DfT Vacancy - Business Manager
Link to .. One Name Change
Link to .. DfT "Smart Moves" Issue 3
Link to .. Christian Wolmar Article On The London Mayoral Race
Link to .. More Portsmouth Trains!
Link to .. FGW Says The Choice Is More Melksham Services Or Less Crowded Bristol Services
Link to .. Teesport Container Terminal Proposal Agreed
Link to .. Transposition Of Council Directive On Working Time Of Cross-Border Rail Workers
Link to .. FOI - Templates And Guidance Used For Ministerial Submissions
Link to .. Stagecoach Revenues Boost
Link to .. 21st to 24th March - more bustitution
Link to .. replacement services
Link to .. Saturday morning train canned for the next 3 weeks!
Link to .. RMT Renews Call For Joint Inquiry Into Grayrigg And Potters Bar
Link to .. Tourists Spent
Link to .. SWT Live Web Chat (26/02/2008)
Link to .. The song of the First Great Western
Link to .. FOI - Designation Of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Agreements
Link to .. FOI - Ministerial Meetings With Outside Interest Groups
Link to .. Stobart In Luxury Trains Link-Up
Link to .. New Here - Thanks For The Forum
Link to .. Leamside Line Campaign Gathers Pace
Link to .. Harris In Felixstowe Freight Visit
Link to .. Chris Green Calls For Network Rail To Be Split Into Regions
Link to .. Hello,
Link to .. Freightliner Wins Longest-Ever Track Access Agreements
Link to .. Notified National Technical Rules (NNTRs)
Link to .. The Lessons Of Nationalisation
Link to .. Campaign For Better Transport Criticises DfT Transport Project Appraisal Methods
Link to .. Network Rail To Give Up Government Loan Guarantee
Link to .. Bradford on Avon - Sunday 17/02/08
Link to .. Melksham Party in Park and Carnival - 12th July 2008
Link to .. RailFuture National Conference, Salisbury, 5th July
Link to .. 4th April - Melksham Railway Development Group
Link to .. Travel Watch South West, Taunton, 1st March
Link to .. 28th Feb, Public Meeting, Bradford on Avon
Link to .. A new canal - a Liverpool example for Melksham
Link to .. 4 extra passengers per day. 100,000 extra income per annum for FGW.
Link to .. Melksham -> Chippenham -> Melksham, Friday evening
Link to .. The early Southampton train at Chippenham
Link to .. Alloa Station Parking 'Still On Track'
Link to .. East Suffolk Line Bridge Engineering Work 'May Over-Run'
Link to .. Campaign For Better Transport Fares Survey
Link to .. Strike Round-Up
Link to .. Future Fears Hit Go-Ahead Shares
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Link to .. Docklands Light Railway: Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulations: Exemption
Link to .. National Rail Strike Over Pensions?
Link to .. 18:00 Bristol TM to London Padd
Link to .. Network Disruption
Link to .. Ruth Kelly Birmingham New Street Announcement
Link to .. Diverted Bus Crashes Into Camden Railway Bridge
Link to .. MP Anger At Virgin Rail Timetable Switch
Link to .. Tighter Controls On Network Rail Likely
Link to .. And another ...
Link to .. Waverley Line Support Wavering?
Link to .. Sat-Navs 'Harm Railway Bridges'
Link to .. New-look trains for East Coast Main Line
Link to .. RSS Examimation in public recommends railway improvements
Link to .. West Wilts Core Strategy for next 20 years
Link to .. Westbury MP Calls For FGW To Be Stripped Of Franchise
Link to .. Vandalism Causing Essex Rail Disruption
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Link to .. DfT/Transport For London/Crossrail/Metronet Updates
Link to .. France Unveils AGV Train
Link to .. Christian Wolmar's "Five for 2008"
Link to .. Disabled users to get a lift in Chippenham
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Link to .. Wilts Somerset and Weymouth Railway
Link to .. Useful Resources (Acronyms, train running details, etc)
Link to .. A view from Westbury
Link to .. DfT Approves Blackpool And Manchester Tram Upgrades
Link to .. CrossCountry Commuters Hit By Signal Vandals
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Link to .. High Winds Cause Major Problems In Eastern England
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Link to .. Cambridge-King's Lynn Line Fault Causes Rail Disruption
Link to .. Historic Rail Carriage Unveiled
Link to .. Re-opening of old lines? Can it be true?
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Link to ..
Link to .. Man "Falls From Bridge Into Freight Wagon"
Link to .. FOI - St Pancras Station
Link to .. Skipping stops this morning - express from Swindon to Westbury!
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Link to .. DfT Advice On The Prioritisation Of Smaller Transport Schemes
Link to .. UK Flooding
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Link to .. Why are current trains at such silly times?
Link to ..
Link to .. 25,000 New Homes To Be Built In Wiltshire?
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Link to .. FOI - DfT/Nexus
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Link to .. A through London Service ... it WOULD work.
Link to .. Melksham Town Council Precept Reduced
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Link to .. Fuel Spill Closes Chippenham Bus Station
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Link to .. Interesting working this morning
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Link to .. Grangemouth Freight Plans
Link to .. Portsmouth-Waterloo Rail Users Group Meeting (17/01/2008)
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Link to .. Tyneside Fans Should Avoid Trains Because Of Engineering Work
Link to .. Railway Bosses Get Million Pound Pay Package
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Link to .. Christian Wolmar - "Ministers Fail To Understand Real Value Of The Railways"
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Link to .. It shouldn't cost more to get from Bath to Warminster via Melksham
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Link to .. This morning 14 Dec
Link to .. Mock Funeral For East London Line
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Link to .. Routed via Bath - even when a direct train is available!
Link to .. Glasgow Underground Proposal Mooted
Link to .. Parry People Movers Wins Stourbridge Rail Deal
Link to .. DfT Autumn Performance Report 2007
Link to .. Group Seeks Support For St Andrews Rail Link
Link to .. Villiers Questions High Barnet Forecourt Closure
Link to .. Woodhead Tunnel Row
Link to .. 6.43 & 7.17 cancelled on 10/12/07
Link to .. A change in station timetable format.
Link to .. Sunday delays and the erroneous information point
Link to .. Plans To Improve Goole to Leeds train service
Link to .. New Timetable - from a TransWilts perspective
Link to .. FOI - DfT Consultant Expenditure
Link to .. Additional TIF Pump Priming And Development Costs: 2007/8
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Link to .. Melksham Traffic gets worse - more traffic, or poor parking design?
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Link to .. Petition for double track on Cotswold Line...
Link to .. 06:44 Cancelled this AM
Link to .. George Ward School Re-Designated As A Technology College
Link to .. SWT Incur The Wrath Of Murrison
Link to .. "Rail Franchise System Is Milking The Hapless Traveller For Tax"
Link to .. Continuing cancellations due to crew shortage
Link to .. Swindon to Trowbridge - surprisingly popular journey
Link to .. Bus / Train integration - can Melksham learn from Cam and Dursley?
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Link to .. Llanharan Station Due To Open
Link to .. Never mind the cancellation - it was the last run anyway
Link to .. Brief statement of case ...
Link to .. Who is who - Decisions of taking TransWilts forward
Link to .. "One" Ticket Inspectors Deny Con
Link to .. China's Anti-Aging Revolution
Link to .. Fare Increases "Up To 14%"
Link to .. Ministerial Meetings With Outside Interest Groups (Aug - Oct 2007)
Link to .. Tom Harris Speech To The CILT Conference
Link to .. An excellent place to eat in Melksham - 11th December and other dates too
Link to .. newbie question on how to edit post
Link to .. Dilton Marsh (26/11/2007)
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Link to .. More Crossrail Info
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Link to .. Warning Over Claygate Station Flasher
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Link to .. 8,9,15,16 December - Bustitution and short workings
Link to .. Taxi Driver Builds His Own Station
Link to .. Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway Santa's Grotto Carriage
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Link to .. Intercity Express Programme: Invitation To Tender
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Link to .. Box Tunnel Painting
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Link to .. Getting Worse
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Link to .. RAF Chilmark / Railway to Druid's Lodge
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Link to .. Norwich - Great Yarmouth Line To Close For Engineering Works
Link to .. Rail Lift Campaigner Gets Stuck In Lift
Link to .. This evening - 19th October - "Save the Train" Commitee meeting
Link to .. 18 Oct 6pm: Cancellations, short formations, delays, buffet facilities
Link to .. A letter from Network Rail
Link to .. A letter from the new route director
Link to .. Pilning Revisited (13/10/2007)
Link to .. Strikes Halt Cross-Channel Trains
Link to .. Network Rail Seeks Property Partner
Link to .. Even More Upcoming PWQ's
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Link to .. Comparing our line with Exeter to Barnstaple
Link to .. Longleat, Stourhead, The Courts, Corsham Court, Bowood, etc
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Link to .. How regularly would it be economically possible to have service to Bristol?
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Link to .. South to North - TransWilts: My letter about Key Bus Route Network
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Link to .. South to North - TransWilts: My letter to FDRP
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Link to .. Melksham December 2007 Timetable
Link to .. Dilton Marsh December 2007 Service Cut (But Could Have Been Worse)
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Link to .. 270 Houses for George Ward site
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Link to .. Wallace & Gromit To Visit Avon Valley Railway
Link to .. FOI - West London Tram Project
Link to .. DfT Local Authorities Guidance - Funding For Major Transport Schemes
Link to .. Huddersfield Line Goes Half - Hourly
Link to .. McDemo At The DfT
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Link to .. Chippenham historic photos
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Link to .. Train Steams In For Glasgow Museum Funds
Link to .. Melksham to London. Chippenham to Wareham
Link to .. Assaults On Rail Staff 'Increase'
Link to .. Chippenham Expansion
Link to .. 1728 Cheltenham Spa - Westbury Cancelled (23/08/2007)
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Link to .. Hi, I'm Mark
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Link to .. FOI - Performance Of Great Northern Train Operating Companies
Link to .. National Audit Office Investigation Into Rail Franchising
Link to .. Cranbrook Latest
Link to .. European Railways Form High - Speed Alliance
Link to .. SWT : Class 444 Hits A Tree / Last Class 170 Working
Link to .. Avon Valley Railway Loans Locomotives To Flood - Hit Locations
Link to .. Drunk Passenger Terrorised Train With Champagne
Link to .. DB Plans Could Transform Europe
Link to .. no450 Campaign Update August 2007
Link to .. PC Users who run Vista can have Sidebar Gadget to show Live Departures
Link to .. Police Swoop On Train At Swindon
Link to .. FOI - Ministers Meetings With Outside Interest Groups
Link to .. FOI - Conversion Of NLL Between Stratford - Canning Town To DLR Line
Link to .. FOI - WAGN Overcrowding Figures For Hitchin - London Services
Link to .. Chippenham Transport Survey Results
Link to .. Chippenham Transport Survey Launched
Link to .. DfT Rail Evidence and Research Strategy
Link to .. Consultation On
Link to .. Where should be developed in the next 20 years?
Link to .. Campaign update - letters from the three main players
Link to .. Wiltshire Unitary bid succeeeds
Link to .. FOI - Disabled Parking Spaces At Railway Stations
Link to .. West Wilts Rail Users Group Launch Petition For Free Pensioner Rail Travel
Link to .. Server unavailable overnight tonight
Link to .. Still No Radstock / TransWilts Services
Link to .. Rail White Paper
Link to .. New Pedestrian Bridge At Winnersh Triangle
Link to .. National Express Looks To Overseas Expansion
Link to .. Rail Police Planning Summer Crackdown In Wales
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Link to .. Wales Rail Planning Assessment
Link to .. Crossrail Planning Forum Minutes
Link to .. Network Rail Clocks Up 10m Minutes Of Delays
Link to .. Ebbw Vale Line Re - Opening Delayed
Link to .. West Wilts Show, Trowbridge - 26th to 28th July
Link to .. South West Regional Assembly "Gone By 2010"
Link to .. FOI - Birmingham Moor Street Platform 2 Street Access Closure (2006)
Link to .. TfL Given Ability To Propose Changes To Inner Suburban Rail Services
Link to .. Translink "Will Not Be Privatised"
Link to .. Brown To Face Backlash As Metronet Prepares To Go Into Administration
Link to .. From the station to Spencer's Gate
Link to .. Survey of Melksham residents about their use of the town's train service
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Link to .. Bid To Revive Cancelled Tram Schemes
Link to .. All Aboard The Polish Express
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Link to .. New RMT Arriva Trains Wales Website Launched
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Link to .. DfT Resource Accounts 2006 - 2007
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Link to .. December consultation response
Link to .. Asda Exhibition
Link to .. Avon Valley Railway Carriage Gutted By Arsonist
Link to .. Arriva Win Cross Country Franchise
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Link to .. Regional Eurostars Leased To SNCF Until 2011/13
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Link to .. Portland Rail Boundary Plaque Comes Home
Link to .. Bedwyn - London Paddington Service Was The UK's Most Overcrowded In 2006
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Link to .. FGW tickets charity prize offered to minister by Salisbury MP
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Link to .. New Hitachi High Speed Javelin Train Built In Japan , Shipped To UK
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Link to .. EWS Welcomes Reports That Eurotunnel Is To Revise Fees For Freight Trains
Link to .. Draft Timetable - TransWilts service - from December 2007.
Link to .. Trying to get from Warminster to Bath via Melksham
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Link to .. Minehead Reconnected To National Rail Network With A New Service
Link to .. Longport & Longton Station Improvements
Link to .. The next 20 years - submission to regional spatial strategy enquiry in public
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Link to .. Harris Speech To Modern Railways '4th Friday Club'
Link to .. MTLS and media and planning demands- help needed
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Link to .. 22, 23 September - Netherhampton Beer Festival
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Link to .. Melksham and Trowbridge bus at Chippenham
Link to .. Hello, i'm new here
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Link to .. Ely Bridge Damaged By Derailed Train
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Link to .. What has the government done in the South West
Link to .. Transport 2000 Accuses The DfT Of Being A "Rogue Department"
Link to .. DfT Action Plan Following Capabilty Review
Link to .. Stagecoach Wins East Midlands Franchise
Link to .. National Rail Strike Looms
Link to .. Melksham < --- > Oxford - 80 minutes, or 196 minutes?
Link to .. MPs Meet Sardine Man & Jenny Agutter
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Link to .. Breakdown Train 'Only Goes Back'
Link to .. Isle Of Man Rail Spend "Justified"
Link to .. German Rail Giant Close To Buying EWS
Link to .. 20th June: 17:28 Cheltenham Spa to Westbury due 19:25
Link to .. Ambrose To Give Speech To RMT Seminar
Link to .. Campaigners Make Edinburgh Airport Ticket Protest
Link to .. New High - Speed Midlands Link Under Consideration
Link to .. 28 to 30 June - Westbury Bypass exhibition in Westbury
Link to .. Information Point
Link to .. DfT Confirms Southern To Take Over Gatwick Express
Link to .. 5th August - Melksham to Weymouth Excursion (Provisional)
Link to .. Climate Must Be Central To Transport Spending, Say Green Groups
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Link to .. 19:51, Sunday, Melksham to Chippenham and Swindon
Link to .. FGW lay on 60 extra services for Glastonbury
Link to .. My article on trains - your ideas please!
Link to .. My article on trains - your ideas please!
Link to .. My article on trains - your ideas please!
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Link to .. Loadings - 17:43 v 18:42, 2006 v 2007
Link to .. Three pictures
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Link to .. Regulator Attacks Network Rail Rise In Weather Delays
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Link to .. Severn Beach Line Development....Or Closure By Stealth?
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Link to .. hello everyone!
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Link to .. The Specification On Which Tenders Were Invited
Link to .. Ministerial Meetings With Outside Interest Groups For March 2007
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Link to .. Anger At SWT 20 Per Cent Train Fare Rise
Link to .. London Paddington to Oxford Route
Link to .. no450 / Gatwick Express Merry Go - Round
Link to .. FOI - Thameslink Overcrowding
Link to .. May Timetable - No suprises.
Link to .. WARNING regarding Phpreader - Do NOT Open ANY Links Posted By This Member
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Link to .. Call To Protect And Re-open Disused Rail Lines
Link to .. Gillian Merron Speech at the London Transport Awards
Link to .. Virgin Trains Catering Strike
Link to .. Go-Ahead Expects FY Results Above Expectations On Strong Rail Performance
Link to .. RMT Escalates Opposition To East London Line Plan
Link to .. Network Rail Plans Index-Linked Bond Due 2037
Link to .. Wiltshire County Council increases BUS subsidy, West Wilts to Swindon
Link to .. Melksham Station Car Park
Link to .. DfT Web Team Manager Vacancy
Link to .. Feline Family Steal Ride On Train
Link to .. New Street Station 'Will Not Cope With Rail Route Changes'
Link to .. MP's Campaign Silences Train Horns At Night
Link to .. New Era As Redundant North Woolwich Railway Line Becomes RailSchool
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Link to .. Ivan - intro.
Link to .. Good/Terrible Train experiences
Link to .. Evening Southbound Train Cancelled Tonight (21/4/07)
Link to .. Virgin To Increase Birmingham - London Frequency
Link to .. Friday 20th May - Frome
Link to .. Services to Bristol from Chippenham on May 30th
Link to .. First Spin December 2007 Timetable - But Nothing For Melksham
Link to .. New Timetable from 20-May
Link to .. Douglas Alexander Speech To The British Chambers Of Commerce Annual Conference.
Link to .. Improved London - East Anglia Services?
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Link to .. RMT Obtains FOI Info Stating Driver - Only Trains Planned For London
Link to .. Island Line To Become Heritage Railway?
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Link to .. Sardine Man On Tour
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Link to .. Belfast - Bangor Line's
Link to .. Swansea-Mumbles Railway Was 'Remarkable'
Link to .. 124 UK Rail Companies Selling At A Loss To Win Market Share
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Link to .. Hungarian Rail Tour
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Link to .. Objections To Wrexham - London Link
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Link to .. Posters letting Customers know trains stop at Melksham.
Link to .. Passenger Count!
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Link to .. 08:25 Southampton Central to Cardiff Central Revision (13/02/2007)
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Link to .. FOSBR Newsletter 60
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Link to .. Welcome to new global moderator(s)
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Link to ..
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Link to .. Barton-on-Humber Branch Designated As A Community Rail Line
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Link to .. Department for Transport Travel Plan
Link to .. Rail Franchises Parliamentary Debate 29/11/2006
Link to .. House of Commons Early Day Motion - FGW Train Service Cuts
Link to .. 1449 Melksham Train Cancelled 28/11/2006
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Link to .. Melksham Punctuality Statistics 8th Nov - 22nd Nov Weekday Trains
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Link to .. Fare game anyone?
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Link to .. October 1990 Timetable
Link to .. Trowbridge. Worth A Visit?
Link to .. Jacobs RECOMMENDED that we have off peak services.
Link to .. FOI - published papers
Link to .. Last Saturday train, first Sunday train are buses, 23, 24 / 9
Link to .. Meeting with Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones
Link to .. France - Germany TGV Line Completed
Link to .. Storms Hit Power And Rail Tracks In Devon & Cornwall
Link to .. Richard Branson Profile
Link to .. Stagecoach Win South Western Franchise
Link to .. Heathrow Express Strike
Link to .. Pilning
Link to .. Lighter , Faster Trains Could Transform Rural Lines?
Link to .. 'Straight-to-mobile' Ticket Plan
Link to .. The future of passenger trains - linking Labour constituencies?
Link to .. Franchise Bidders Announced
Link to .. Virgin Rail Tickets To Print Off At Home
Link to .. Stagecoach Tipped To Win South Western Franchise
Link to .. Eddie Stobart Takes To The Rails
Link to .. South West Passenger Transport Users Forum - 30th September 2006
Link to .. New Political leader at DfT - Tom Harris
Link to .. Western Wiltshire Transport Crystal Ball - 2000
Link to .. The 125 At 30
Link to .. Is Our Campaign Right But Not Winnable?
Link to .. Calls Stepped Up Demanding Improved Railways In The Regions
Link to .. The Menace Of Bendy Buses
Link to .. Poll Calls For Public Transport Investment
Link to .. Is FART The Way Forward?
Link to .. Green Buses For Bristol
Link to .. Upcoming Engineering Work
Link to .. Ashford International Under Threat?
Link to .. Norwich - Lowestoft Line To Shut For Three Weeks
Link to .. 'High Speed' Dating A Runaway Success!
Link to .. Cheap Day Returns to Melksham?
Link to .. MSP Claims Train Times Off Track
Link to .. Great Western Main Line Route Utilisation Strategy
Link to .. How To Change SLC2
Link to .. Radio 4 programme
Link to .. Newquay Rail - Replacement Bus Service?
Link to .. Environment Agency And First Great Western Train Naming Ceremony
Link to .. All Aboard The Wigglybus
Link to .. Park and Ride at Wombwell - For FAST Service?
Link to .. Train Firm In Compensation Talks With Network Rail
Link to .. Rail Regulators Sought Immunity For Breaches Of Safety Legislation
Link to .. Melksham to Swindon and back - 05:52 and 06:30 this a.m.
Link to .. Freedom of Information request to Wiltshire County Council
Link to .. Freedom of Information request to Department for Transport
Link to .. What Additional Services At Elsecar?
Link to .. More People Pay Less Thanks To First Great Western's New Fares
Link to .. Interesting online Article about Corsham
Link to .. Police inquiry desks to close
Link to .. A350 to get all of Bath's unwanted HGVs?
Link to .. Enhanced buses between Chippenham and Swindon
Link to .. 153's spotted
Link to .. Network Rail Unveil London Upgrade Plans
Link to .. Rail Should Seize The Moment
Link to .. The Billy Bunters Of Railway School Must Try Even Harder
Link to .. High Speed Rail Link Expected To Be Abandoned
Link to .. Live train monitoring - SUSPENDED
Link to .. London to Melksham and Melksham to London by train
Link to .. Behind the ticket sales statistics
Link to .. French - British Railway Comparisons
Link to .. SWT Rail Services Crippled By Strike
Link to .. From The Past - Mechanic Designs Rail Safety System
Link to .. Gauge Change Technology Hopes To Overcome European Differences
Link to .. Last Orders For First Great Western Buffet Cars
Link to .. Lobby To Improve Rail Link With Waterloo
Link to .. Investigation Into 'Split' First Capital Connect Train
Link to ..
Link to .. Beeching 2 Proposed For Scotland
Link to .. Comparing Melksham's ticket sales to other stations
Link to .. Adlestrop Railway Atlas
Link to .. Train Drivers Get Lessons On Going Slowly To Cut Fuel Bills
Link to .. An update on commuter services to Swindon from December 2006
Link to .. The 234 bus - Chippenham, STATION, Melksham, Trowbridge, Frome
Link to .. Call To Bring GNER Back "In - House"
Link to .. Future Analysis
Link to .. Beeching 2 Background Article
Link to .. Kenilworth
Link to .. Bristol - Brighton Class 158 "Trans - Pennine" Unit
Link to .. Transport Direct - Your One-Stop Shop For Holiday Travel Planning
Link to .. New Rail Service Plans Unveiled
Link to .. Melksham to Coventry this evening ....
Link to .. An Alternative Future?
Link to .. SLC2 - text of the service specification for Swindon - Westbury
Link to .. Christian Wolmar Article On Chris Grayling
Link to .. Expenditure - 600k or 1 million?
Link to .. Income - 120k or 600k?
Link to .. When in September to we get the train back?
Link to .. How many people are INTERESTED in the TransWilts train?
Link to .. MOVED: I just don't understand it!
Link to .. I just don't understand it!
Link to .. Cancellations by month (trains calling at Melksham)
Link to .. Looking forward 5 and 10 years
Link to .. Severn Beach / Bristol Rail Problems
Link to .. Arragments under which a 2-hourly TransWilts train could be run
Link to .. Map - Railway lines in Wiltshire / the "TransWilts"
Link to .. Westenhanger, Kent .... another station's story
Link to .. (un)happy birthday
Link to .. Hello and comments on railways.
Link to .. Has Beeching 2 Begun In The South West?
Link to .. Hello
Link to .. Your PC is Not Safe!
Link to .. Reliability record - 6 months from Febraury to July 2006
Link to .. Member banned - posting against forum rules
Link to .. It's official - TransWilts has crap timings because of the Stroud Valley
Link to .. Conforms to SLC2. But ...
Link to .. Rail travel from Marlborough
Link to .. Lest we forget - FGW's commitment.
Link to .. Change at Chippenham for Warminster, Salisbury & Southampton was the cry!
Link to .. Customer Panel Rep quits
Link to .. Train cancellations already notified - August
Link to .. A quiet August? No ... although it's not until 4th Sept I'm asking for YOUR help
Link to .. Wiltshire times - review of Westbury and Melksham to London
Link to .. Almost Parliamentary Written Questions
Link to .. First is ordered to improve punctuallity
Link to .. Trains return to Melksham after an 8 day absence - 4th September 2006
Link to .. The ONLY station to loose its service ...
Link to .. Signed up, but no confirmatory email?
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Link to .. Why do we ask for an email address when you register?
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Link to .. Theresa May Letter From DfT
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Link to .. Where should we be going?
Link to .. First Great Western December 2006 Timetable Analysis
Link to .. More cancellations
Link to .. Pewsey and Westbury may have lost out badly too ...
Link to .. timetable now on the FGW website
Link to .. Independent survey finds over 2 TIMES the users claimed by the DfT
Link to .. BBC1, Points West, 18:30
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Link to .. Looking for another operator
Link to .. A little publicity for Melksham station
Link to .. Crowhurst Train Services
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Link to .. Definitions - CANCELLED and REVISED
Link to .. 05.52 to Swindon on 24/07/06
Link to .. Passengers Fight Back Over Rail Cuts
Link to .. Favourite Journey? Mine usually involves the Swindon - Westbury train
Link to .. Long working days ahead for Melksham train commuters
Link to .. Network Rail Timetables
Link to .. The Long And Gridlocked Road To Better Transport
Link to .. Announcement from First - on services from December 2006
Link to .. A user's story
Link to .. 'Terror Risk' Over Nuclear Cargo
Link to .. What Chris Grayling has to say about Swindon - Melksham - Westbury
Link to .. Guardian Letters Page
Link to .. Southern Section cancelled
Link to .. Train Overcrowding
Link to .. Eurorail Freight Route
Link to .. Train Air-Con Fault To Continue
Link to .. First Apology
Link to .. The Courts, Holt, Wiltshire
Link to .. Transport Select Commitee to question Derek Twigg - 19th July
Link to .. 1702 & 1809 Both Cancelled 17/07/06
Link to .. Derby - Matlock & Grantham - Skegness Designated As Community Rail Services
Link to .. Melksham station on R4 News at Ten
Link to .. Conservative Party Rail Review
Link to .. Fitting in like a hand in a glove.
Link to .. From December 2006, from December 2007, .... into 2008
Link to .. Competition Commission - did they look BOTH ways?
Link to .. What difference does reliability make?
Link to .. Cross Party Support for Swindon - Melksham - Westbury rail
Link to .. Passenger Focus Fares Research Published
Link to .. Christian Wolmar To Speak At Future Of Rail Meeting In Yeovil , July 14
Link to .. Rail Signal Workers Set To Strike
Link to .. Salzburg to Melksham. Fine as far as Swindon.
Link to .. 14 July, 7:30 p.m., Melksham Town Hall - Melksham Railway Development Group
Link to .. Warminster - MAJOR employment development
Link to .. Parliamentary Written Question Asked On Melksham Train Service
Link to .. Stonehenge Rail Link Approved
Link to .. Wootton Bassett to Warminster
Link to .. Types of support
Link to .. 1702 & 1809 Both Cancelled 11/07/06
Link to .. Investment in road and bus services won't work
Link to .. What do you think? Yes/No
Link to .. Reasons why trains going through melksham do not generate enough profit
Link to .. A4 Closed At Saltford from Monday 17 July To The Middle Of September
Link to .. First Great Western Celebrates First 100 Days Of Franchise
Link to .. The National Rail Timetable Is To Cease Publication
Link to .. Longer term strategy
Link to .. 06:56 This Morning
Link to .. Recent BBC Articles
Link to .. Timeline
Link to .. 09:15 train, Saturday 8th July
Link to .. Yield Management
Link to .. The Busses have it!
Link to .. DfT Awards
Link to .. No trains - 9 days from late Auguest into September
Link to .. Trains replaced by buses from 26 Aug to 3 Sept 2006
Link to .. "God's Railway" Under Threat
Link to .. God's Wonderful Railway On Track To Be World Heritage Site
Link to .. Rail Haulier Freightliner Wins UK's Biggest Container Rail Freight Contract
Link to .. 1st Anniversary Of London Bombings
Link to .. Cancellations - what cancellations?
Link to .. Raw deal - VERY raw deal indeed
Link to .. Report Says "Fragmented Rail Is Denied Its Key Environmental Role"
Link to .. Parliamentary Written Questions
Link to .. Visitor counts
Link to .. Fare Hikes
Link to .. Network Rail Asks For Extra
Link to .. Open letter - call for support
Link to .. Government Awards
Link to .. Shuttles
Link to .. Twigg Confirms Dean & Dunbridge South Western Franchise Services
Link to .. Freight Developments
Link to .. RMT Drivers To Strike At First Great Western
Link to .. In Town , Without My Car!
Link to .. Letter from Derek Twigg
Link to .. Melksham station, land sale
Link to .. Selling off the familiy jewels
Link to .. Rubber Tracks & Sprint
Link to .. Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
Link to .. Derek Twigg Speech
Link to .. Links , Damned Links & Statistics
Link to .. Christian Wolmar - Letter from Florida
Link to .. Fraternal greetings from Saltash
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Link to .. Letter from First / our Area Manager
Link to .. Visit to Melksham Station by Chris Grayling and Michael Ancram
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Link to .. To Widen the scope?
Link to .. Our battle ... part of a well planned war?
Link to .. Under 20 passengers per train - official. Over 50 passengers - actual
Link to .. Meeting, Riverside Inn, Bradford on Avon
Link to .. A survey on the Train this morning 6/06/06.
Link to .. Understand the other party's interests
Link to .. westbury support
Link to .. Main Line Between Swindon And Bristol Will Close For Nine Days This Summer.
Link to .. Coastal Towns Keep Direct Trains
Link to .. Request For Strike Ballot - Train Drivers , First Great Western
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Link to .. On line, but not around in person
Link to .. lack of political support
Link to .. New timetable does not even meet SRA guidelines
Link to .. North East Regional Planning Assessment For The Railway
Link to .. Visitors to the South West - an interesting statistic
Link to .. New Draft (or daft) timetable
Link to .. A hundred thousand journeys every year on the line
Link to .. Journey Statistics
Link to .. Letter to new Minister for Transport
Link to .. Wrong information / no information at Chippenham and Swindon
Link to .. Saturday trains
Link to .. On responses to the South Western Franchise
Link to .. Outstanding Issues on Great Western Franchise / Timetable
Link to .. Income from railway to pay for part of road program
Link to .. New Minister for Transport
Link to .. 6th May, Swindon
Link to .. 12th May - Andrew Griffiths of First at Melksham Railway Development Group
Link to .. Parliamentary Question - National Rail Travel Survey
Link to .. Parliamentary Debate .... Summary
Link to .. 234 but NOT going to Chippenham station after all ...
Link to .. 05.52 from Melksham on 25/04/06
Link to .. Chippenham Beer Festival
Link to .. Parliamentary Question on buses to replace trains
Link to .. Encourage your MP to attend the debate in parliament on TUESDAY
Link to .. Tax threat to tourism industry
Link to .. Tony Blair
Link to .. Readers - PLEASE write AND get others to do so ...
Link to .. Response to cross country franchise
Link to .. Rail replacement bus services
Link to .. 21.4.06 - 18:00 - Emergency meeting, Trowbridge
Link to .. Dean and Dunbridge - great news
Link to .. First cancellation
Link to .. Community Hospitals
Link to .. Isn't it Ironic?
Link to .. Parliamentary Constituency Changes
Link to .. 234 Bus Melksham to Chippenham
Link to .. Effect of train cuts on a Melksham business
Link to .. Further cuts may follow?
Link to .. MAJOR NEWS - new draft timetables
Link to .. New Broom
Link to .. Some trains replaced by buses - every weekend day through April
Link to .. Bus kills traffic
Link to .. An invitation to the First Group
Link to .. Waiting Game
Link to .. Anger all over the South West - we're a little boat on a big stormy sea now.
Link to .. Barnstaple train may be saved ... Melksham??? Wiltshire cc, where are you??
Link to .. New stations only in labour held areas?
Link to .. Current service could be better too ...
Link to .. For the Bedwyn folks ...
Link to .. Ticket Prices - Devizes consituency to London
Link to .. Cuts elsewhere, and deeper cuts to come later?
Link to .. Draft Weekend timetable HERE
Link to .. Goodbye, Central Trains "153"s
Link to .. 31st March - last day for Wessex Trains
Link to .. Future Closure Proposals
Link to .. Now heavier loadings than the main line!
Link to .. Consultation input
Link to .. Michael Ancram at Great Bedwyn Village Hall - 12.3.06
Link to .. End of Timetable Review
Link to .. 17th April 1966 - First closure or Melksham Station
Link to .. 1st April - First takes over
Link to .. "153" units - now and future.
Link to .. Chippenham to London via Melksham
Link to .. Melksham is Growing!
Link to .. Rolling stock availability - main line AND others - from 1st April
Link to .. Off to Taunton - BUT
Link to .. Dilton Marsh - new timetable
Link to .. London getting too much of the transport cake say academics
Link to .. Reply from the Department for Transport
Link to .. Picture
Link to .. Reliability review
Link to .. Warmister cuts ...
Link to .. Dean and Dunbridge - other end of line
Link to .. Timetable comments to be with FGW by 8th March
Link to .. Commuter train times
Link to .. Future Weekend Services
Link to .. My Draft reply on timetable
Link to .. 4th and 5th, 11th and 12th March
Link to .. Frome to Swindon via Westbury or Bath
Link to .. What's the alternative to the withdrawn trains?
Link to .. Day trips to London to DOUBLE in price ....
Link to .. Good to meet you yesterday
Link to .. Questions on the new timetable
Link to .. Secret Service
Link to .. 6th March - Julan Crow speaks
Link to .. 10 March - Melksham Rail Development Group
Link to .. Connections - draft timetable from December
Link to .. Draft Monday to Friday timetable from December 2006
Link to .. Great crews - thank you.
Link to .. Life expectancy of a train
Link to .. Remember - only 1 in 4 users gets on or off at Melksham
Link to .. Bad day for trains from Melksham ...
Link to .. 4th March, SWPTUF meeting including presenation by First GW's MD
Link to .. Draft timetables
Link to .. A350 Roadworks
Link to .. Provide it, tell them, and they WILL use.
Link to .. Draft timetables shortly?
Link to .. Just one passenger per coach - but that's the main line
Link to .. Turning back at Chippenham
Link to .. First - transforming travel
Link to .. So why cant they stop at Melksham?
Link to .. Letter received from Peter West
Link to .. Threat to service at Bedwyn
Link to .. Turning at Chippenham
Link to .. A new threat? A threat to the last two trains?
Link to .. Devon and Cornwall deals in February
Link to .. 10:30, Civic Hall, Trowbridge, 7th Feb
Link to .. Widening my interest?
Link to .. Andrew Murrison, MP, writes
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Link to .. "In what capacity are you working, Graham?"
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Link to .. Moving Goal Posts
Link to .. Possible development - Wilts County Council could save the train.
Link to .. It MUST be just two trains a day ...
Link to .. First Customer Panel meets - 11th January
Link to .. 17:59 from Chippenham was cancelled again
Link to .. First Stakeholder meeting - 16th January
Link to .. Engineering works - trains ARE running on 4th February
Link to .. Reversal at Chippenham?
Link to .. 1985 Reopening
Link to .. Buses replace trains at the Weekend, January to March 2006
Link to .. Frome gets a daily through train to London
Link to .. Market Place Bus Stop
Link to .. Adelante's
Link to .. Melksham and the GWR Line
Link to .. Best of luck
Link to .. A look forward to 2006
Link to .. Quietest time
Link to .. A First Monopoly?
Link to .. Evening Train from Swindon cancelled tonight
Link to .. On regular interval services
Link to .. Melksham station relocation
Link to .. Another User's tale and view
Link to .. Interesting trains at Melksham
Link to .. Battles and wars etc etc
Link to .. No final decision has been made.
Link to .. BBC Radio Wiltshire interview, and First Group's response.
Link to .. Wessex Trains increase prices
Link to .. About the trains used on the Melksham line
Link to .. Melksham to London train fares
Link to .. Passenger count - 16th December 2005
Link to .. First Group has won
Link to .. Melksham Rail Development Group
Link to .. First Group - letter from the MD
Link to .. "User"
Link to .. From a regular traveller from Frome to Swindon
Link to .. Passengers Per Train - some staistics
Link to .. Trains replaced by buses
Link to .. Rumour - early announcement
Link to .. Buses for trains again
Link to .. Cancellation Log
Link to .. Melksham Station / train service to feature in Radio 4 program
Link to .. What's in the long term - closure by stealth?
Link to .. Sign at the Station
Link to .. Lake Melksham
Link to .. Look - and what do you see?
Link to .. It is another bank holiday
Link to .. Normal Sunday train service
Link to .. No trains at a time they WOULD be used?
Link to .. No early train
Link to .. Train not running - 24th December
Link to .. No trains calling at Melksham on this date
Link to .. New Franchise award date
Link to .. 10th December 2005 to June 2006 timetable starts
Link to .. Walden's World - Bradford on Avon
Link to .. Saturday trains are back
Link to .. And more cancellations ....
Link to .. Evening train - more passengers
Link to .. Old pictures - the railway at Melksham
Link to .. Gareth Evans
Link to .. Melksham line use for diversions this morning
Link to .. Forum for all - express YOUR view.
Link to .. 10th Deember, Santa Special
Link to .. A circular route which may be interesting....
Link to .. Publicising the line through various media
Link to .. If ever there was a case for needing the train...
Link to .. Severn Beach Cutbacks - thin end of a long wedge
Link to .. Charity Masked Ball in aid on Cancer and Cerebral Palsy charities
Link to .. Charity Ball, Melksham, 29th October 2005
Link to .. No reply from Department for Transport
Link to .. Site update
Link to .. Santa Claus rides from Melksham to Swindon and back
Link to .. Melksham Railway Developement Group
Link to .. Salisbury
Link to .. Illogical to stop at Westbury?
Link to .. Swindon - what would YOU do ...
Link to .. Who's responsible for promoting the line?
Link to .. New traffic figure
Link to .. Hi and Good Luck
Link to .. most people ive seen at night!
Link to .. Travelling public fined 3.5 million for sins of previous owners?
Link to .. Wootton Bassett
Link to .. The freight angle...
Link to .. Pointers to the future
Link to .. Kiss and Ride day
Link to .. Easy Timetable - Melksham to Bath and Bristol
Link to .. Trowbridge!
Link to .. Get your partner to drop you at the station and take the train to work
Link to .. An individual's story
Link to .. More route options
Link to .. Hello
Link to .. Roger Watkins
Link to .. Recent usage stats
Link to .. Shurnhold Railway Bridge
Link to .. Mark Scott
Link to .. Public Records office moving to Chippenham
Link to .. South West Public Transport Users' Forum meeting
Link to .. No connections to London, South Wales, South West - 3 strike days in October
Link to .. Threat of strike - First Great Western connecting services
Link to .. First Great Western - ASLEF strike
Link to .. Buses for trains at the weekend - working well today!
Link to .. Some ideas to boooooost use
Link to .. Bids due, 26th of Sept, 2005
Link to .. Franchise Contract Award, 21st of Dec, 2005
Link to .. Melksham Rail Development Group Meeting, 28th of Oct, 2005
Link to .. The story so far - a summary
Link to .. Oxford to Salisbury or Southampton via Melksham
Link to .. Nick Field
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