An appropriate TransWilts Train service ...

"I support the return of a more appropriate train service linking the five largest population centres in Wiltshire, as shown in (or similar to) draft timetables from December 2008" (show draft)

This was a two month campaign from 2nd April to 31st May 2008. We provide statistics extracted from the other data entered (see base of right hand column).THANK YOU to everyone who contributes - we failed to get the service at December 2008, but made a good case and are working on removing the one bottleneck for December 2009.

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Salisbury - Warminster - Dilton Marsh - Westbury - Trowbridge - Melksham - Chippenham - Swindon

Want to support? 2008 Petition closed but 2009 pledge open

CURRENT SERVICE - twice a day
Swindon depart 06:18 06:15 and 18:45
Swindon arrive 07:48 and 20:19

PROPOSED SERVICE - six times a day
Swindon d: 06:18 09:02 12:02 15:02 17:55 18:45
Swindon a: 07:48 08:53 11:50 14:50 17:36 20:19

This is a practical service improvement that can be provided if the profile is raised high enough in the next 2 months, and YOU can help.

Bus - Trowbridge to Swindon - 95 minutes.
Car - Trowbridge to Swindon - 52 minutes (AA)
Train - Trowbridge to Swindon - 35 minutes.

Bus - Chippenham to Salisbury - over 120 minutes.
Car - Chippenham to Salisbury - 64 minutes (AA)
Train - Chippenham to Salisbury - 54 minutes.

Greener too! (See Transport Direct)
Comparative CO2 emissions - Trowbridge to Swindon
Car 7.4 - 14.9kg, Coach 5.1 kg, Train 3.9kg.

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What a difference a train made

Rush hour on the "TransWilts" when there are no trains

Same station, same time of day, but there was a train running

Some Statistics

0% of our respondents live in Wiltshire
and a further 0% are from nearby counties

Around 120,000 journeys were made on the line in the last full year prior to the services being slashed back (Dec '06)

Some more detail from our respondents ...

How often do you travel in Wiltshire?

Where do you live?

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The campaign for an appropriate service is supported by many groups including West Wiltshire Rail Users Group, Melksham Railway Development Group, Campaign Against New Beeching Report, TravelWatch SouthWest, More Train Less Strain, Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways, Railfuture, Severn Tunnel Action Group, Campaign for Better Transport, Save the Train, The First Great Western Coffeeshop and others. Over 1700 people signed a prime minister's petition on the subject last year for us. We are in good contact with First Great Western, Wiltshire County Council, the Department for Transport, Network Rail, local MPs and candidates, Local District, Town and Parish Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Small Businesses, and many others to ensure that this practical option is adopted with everyone's agreement

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